Elkosta Barrier Lift System



Elkosta Barrier Lift System at a glance:

  • Vehicle crash-tested to internationally accepted standards (HCIS compliant)

  • Robust construction with heavy gauge material and high tensile steel

  • Reliable operation and low maintenance

  • Short operating time, protection starts immediately

  • Traversable in lowered position according to bridge class SLW 60

  • Installation in all climate zones possible Crash beam in optional warning colour

  • Manual hand pump facility

  • Optional accumulator for emergency operation during power failure


Product Details

Elkosta Barrier Lift System - reliable break-through prevention:

The crash rated elkosta Barrier Lift System BLS offers maximum security for highly sensitive entry or exit points against unauthorised vehicles attempting to break through, by destroying the chassis completely. Even heavy vehicles with high speeds are stopped reliably. It can be utilised individually or in combination with other elkosta products in order to achieve a sluice arrangement forming a secure vehicle check point.

Massive barrier for different application areas:

Typical areas of application are banks, detention centres, power stations, industrial or military premises, airports and other high security zones. The elkosta BLS fulfils the highest safety level! Thanks to its highquality material and the proven elkosta TRI-PROTECT® long-term corrosion protection, installation in all climate zones is possible. Furthermore it only requires minimal excavation across the roadway

Secured entries even for the heaviest vehicles:

The crash beam of the BLS raises very quickly to the upper position and blocks the road with variable heights up to max. 1100 mm (crash beam centre) and starts protecting after 1 second. Due to the warning colour the elkosta BLS is clearly visible. In the lowered position the elkosta BLS is completely unobtrusive and flush with the road surface. It corresponds to bridge class SLW 60, so that also the heaviest vehicles can use the secured entry.

Please refer to the attached technical datasheet.


Datasheet Download

The Elkosta Barrier Lift System from Gunnebo was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS 2017 standards

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