·        Hardened: -40 °C to +75 °C (HCIS compliant)

·        1/2.8" progressive scan CMOS imager 

·        Full-HD 1080p resolution 

·        Built-in analytics for perimeter intrusion detection

·        Day/night with IR-cut filter 

·        Wide dynamic range 

·        2 alarm inputs, 2 outputs 

·        Analogue video output 

·        Two-way audio 

·        10 privacy masksv 

·        24 Vac; 12 Vdc / 24 Vdc; 802.3af PoE 

·        SFP interface (optional)


Product Details


The BC840-PID-XT is a full-featured network camera providing high-quality, high-definition images. Its built-in Perimeter Intrusion Detection is based on i-LIDS certified video analytics for accurate and secure detection with the lowest possible false alarm rate.

Extended temperature:

The BC840-PID-XT offers an extended temperature range of -40 °C to +75 °C. This is particularly useful in hot environments, such as deserts. With its passive cooling, the BC840-PID-XT boasts low energy consumption and high reliability.

Dual stream:

The versatile BC840-PID-XT is capable of streaming two independent H.264/MJPEG streams simultaneously. The H.264 implementation is based on dedicated hardware resulting in unparalleled video quality.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection:

The embedded analytics for PID is derived from software which is certified by i–LIDS for primary sensor in a sterile environment. With two detection lines or two zones the PID analytics can be configured easily using the web interface. The quality of PID is determined by a number of external factors, such as lighting, field of view, camera mounting, shadows, etc. The BC840-PID-XT is suited for outdoor intrusion detection under well-lit conditions. When reliable detection is required you should contact TKH Security for expertise and configuration services.

Privacy masks:

Privacy masks cover sections of the image. This feature is often requested for such situations as city centre surveillance and point of sale keypads.

Image quality monitor and tamper detector:

When the image from the camera becomes too poor, even for the encoder to enhance, an Image Quality alert is raised. The image is continuously monitored on contrast, exposure, focus, and noise by the unique Image Quality Monitor. In addition, the built-in tamper detector monitors changes in the position or field of view of the camera. The instant a camera’s position is changed a Tamper Detect alert is raised.

ONVIF and Open Streaming Architecture (OSA):

The BC840-PID-XT supports both the international ONVIF standard and OSA for remote control, configuration, video switching, and streaming. The encoder has been approved for ONVIF Profile S for streaming, PTZ, and I/O. An alternative control interface is OSA, a comprehensive HTTP- and RTSP based

API for remote control of the encoder that makes full integration easy.

Edge recording:

The BC840-PID-XT offers edge recording. A recording is activated when the connection with the network recorder is lost. The missing images are available as AVI, which can easily be downloaded from the device. The recordings are stored on a single μSDHC card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

 Audio, I/O contacts, and analogue output:

By combining streaming video with duplex audio and I/O contacts over IP, the BC840-PID-XT provides all the interfaces necessary for any IP CCTV application. The BC840-PID-XT is a hybrid solution and can provide local video for a public view monitor or local DVR.

SFP interface:

The BC840-PID-XT-SFP model is equipped with an SFP interface. It supports the XSNet SFP range for Ethernet over fiber and the ECO-plug™ for Ethernet over coax.


  • BC840-PID Network box camera, 1080p, CMOS, dual H.264, perimeter intrusion detection
  • BC840-PID-SFP Network box camera, 1080p, CMOS, dual H.264, perimeter intrusion detection, SFP interface



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