• RANGE : Volumetric sensor, 15x15m, 38x6m
  • RELIABILITY : No dead zone, complementary technologies
  • DOUBT REMOVAL : Association with video system


Product Details


PIRAMID XL2 is a dual technology volumetric intrusion detector which integrates a high-frequency proprietary technology (Doppler stereo) and passive infrared. These two technologies of the detector must be enabled simultaneously to generate an alarm. A proprietary integrated circuit offers advanced signal processing for each of the two technologies, thus offering immunity against disturbances caused by birds and small animals. PIRAMID XL2 detectors are unique in this respect; they offer a reliable volumetric protection, even in extremely difficult environmental conditions.


PIRAMID XL2 detectors can be used in various environmental conditions: bridges, ladders, waterfront platforms, etc. to protect property or strategic sites: industrial sites, military bases, private villas, etc.

Recommendations for installation:

Do not install the detector on a surface exposed to strong vibrations. It must be installed on a wall or on a solid pole. If it is installed on a building with a metal surface, the support must be vibration-resistant.

Position the detector in such a way that its coverage stops on the ground in the required protection area. Do not forget that the device can detect a big object such as a lorry or bus at a distance of approximately   150 meters.

Do not install the detector under eaves not fitted with a gutter. In case of heavy rain, the flow of water directly in front of the detector may trigger unwanted alarms.


Datasheet Download

The PIRAMID XL2 detector from SORHEA was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS standards

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