ClearVu Reinforced



  • Reinforced Welded Mesh fence
  • Visibility Index (VI) less than 45%
  • Anti-cut/Anti-climb tested
  • Forced Entry Resistance tested to ASTM F2781-15


Product Details

ClearVu Reinforced Range is a patented combination of High Density Mesh with an integrated hardened framework tested in accordance to ASTM F2781-15 (Standard Practice for Testing Forced Entry)

Anti- Cut, Anti-Climb Apertures too narrow for finger and foothold, full internally positioned fixtures - Anti vandal, allowing for flush post and panel finish.

Highly resistant to cutting with a hacksaw, reciprocating saw, angle grinder or acetylene torch. ClearVu Reinforced is part of the only fences worldwide capable of withstanding these aggressive, now more common tools.

  • A variety of specifications available.
  • Reinforced framework integrated into mesh panel therefore not disturbing the coating integrity
  • Flat bar flush with pales surface preventing any form of climbing aid

Pioneering technology is behind Cochrane’s capacity to respond rapidly to changing threats, keeping critical assets secure while upholding the highest level of quality and visual appeal.

World leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of unique physical perimeter barriers, we continually develop and refine patented fencing systems that are defense tested and architecturally inspired. Advanced engineering solutions include scalable, modular, and upgradable, ballistic rated systems as well as custom creations for internal and external attractive demarcation.

Expert in risk analysis, Cochrane has experience in complying with and exceeding industry standards in diverse regions. With a proven track record in over 140 countries, 17 strategically positioned offices and increasing local fabrication and manufacture capacity, we have the capability to supply anywhere in the United States and the world.

From Top 10 energy facilities to brand conscious commercial locations, we protect valuable resources in environments from the exceedingly severe to the infinitely calm.

Cochrane engages in mutually beneficial relationships to deliver security you can rely on.


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The ClearVu Reinforced Welded Mesh Fence from Cochrane was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS 2017 standards

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