KEM-FP1 is M50P1 rated as per ASTM F2656 and fully complies with (HCIS) Higher Commission for Industrial Security directives.


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The Anti- Vehicle Fence KEM-FP1 is the best solution for securing perimeters of critical infrastructure or hi-security facilities from attacks using vehicle or trucks.
The fence is capable of stopping 6.8 tons weight vehicle traveling with a speed of nominal velocity 80kh/Hr with less than one-meter penetration. The fence M50P1 rating certification in accordance with the latest version of ASTM F2656 standard test.
The design offers minimal destruction and quick repairs to the fence in case of crash attack.

The Anti- Vehicle Fence KEM-FP1 is M50P1 rated as per ASTM F2656 and fully complies with (HCIS) Higher Commission for Industrial Security directives. 

The fence is constructed mainly from steel tubes and steel components. Its main design features is the (10M) free span with no intermediate posts. In addition to this largest free span in the market, the relatively smaller footing foundation means lower costs of civil works and faster installation. The fence is available in the standard finish of hot-dip galvanized (HDG) and other finishes on demand.

 The product is manufactured in KEMI factory Dammam, Saudi Arabia. This factory is specialized in high-quality steel products for security and safety applications.

The conformity of the product to the tested one is assured through the strict QC policy that received approval from major local and international clients such as SAUDI ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, MODA, RC, BECHTEL, FLUOR, KOC, Etc.

The factory is certified by ISO 9001:2015 Certification.


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The SKEM-FP1 AVB from AL KUHAIMI ENGINEERING METAL INDUSTRIES (KEMI) was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS 2017 standards


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