XP40-Q1765 Explosion-Protected PTZ



  • Stainless steel (SAE 316L) and impact resistance
  • Continuous 360° pan, ±90° tilt
  • Full HDTV 1080p resolution
  • 18x zoom and autofocus
  • Wide temperature range


Product Details

XP40-Q1765 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera

PTZ camera for hazardous areas

XP40-Q1765 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera is suitable for onshore, offshore, marine and heavy industrial environments. It features a 316L stainless steel housing certified for hazardous areas according to for example ATEX, IECEx and UL. The housing prevents any inside sparks or explosions from escaping and igniting gases or dust in the surrounding air. XP40-Q1765 provides superb image quality and color fidelity and a high level of ?exible integration with other equipment, such as access control and fire alarms. It offers ?exible remote accessibility using any existing IP-based networks.


Datasheet Download

The XP40-Q1765 Explosion-Protected PTZ Network Camera from Axis was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS 2017 standards

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