Dual technology detector

  • RANGE : Up to 50 m curtain
  • RELIABILITY : No dead zone, complementary technologies
  • ALARM VERIFICATION : Association with video system

KAPIRIS II and III detectors are suited to perimeter detection and can, therefore, be used in various installations such as:

  • Chemical or pharmaceutical sites
  • Complex industrial sites
  • Commercial buildings…




Product Details

KAPIRIS II & III detectors are specially designed for outdoor perimeter detection. Based on the association of two technologies, these products can be used to secure areas in which it is difficult to install infrared barriers (hilly terrain, wiring constraints, etc.). The reliability of the product is guaranteed by the passive infrared sensor and the high-frequency sensor with Dopler effect, which create a real curtain.
With a maximum range of 50 m, the KAPIRIS product line is perfectly suited to complex sites, and with its technology there are no dead zones at the edge of the sensor. The sensors can also be associated with some video systems to carry out an effective alarm verification and, thus, reinforce the security level.
Two products make up the range of dual-technology detectors:
“KAPIRIS II: contact outputs only, can be deployed without software or setting device.
“KAPIRIS III: compatible with the MAXIBUS 3000 Hub, configurable via an integrated web server, complementary to the installation of MAXIRIS 3000 3100 barriers.

SORHEA Example video


The dual-technology detectors associate a passive infrared (PIR) sensor with a microwave sensor with Doppler effect. SORHEA has associated these two technologies to develop reliable detection solutions.

Recommendations for installation:

It is important not to install the KAPIRIS detector in the direction of a traffic lane. The detection lobe should not be perpendicular to the direction of passage. Do not position the detector in the direction of a river, lake or any other moving liquid to avoid hampering its operation. Make sure that the area occupied by the detection lobe is perfectly maintained  and well cleared. The nearest vegetation should not disturb the detection area in case of wind. KAPIRIS, II and III must be fixed between 2m and 3m above the ground.


Datasheet 1 Download

The KAPIRIS II & III dual technology detector from SORHEA was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS 2017 standards

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