The ATG Access Guardian Road Blocker key points:
  • No large cabinets required. Unique counter balance mechanism reduces the requirement for hydraulic power. A small integral pump is utilised to raise and lower the product.
  • Installation is straight forward and cost effective, only requiring a single concrete pour.
  • The blocker’s top plate is made from a unique structure ensuring longevity when heavy vehicles drive over the blocker regularly.
  • The Guardian has been designed for fast and easy servicing with a safety skirt offered as an optional extra.
  • Raise & lower time – 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down


Product Details

ATG Access are pleased to annouce that they have successfully designed and tested a new and innovative road blocker.

The Guardian Shallow Mounted Road Blocker is a market leading, innovative road blocker successfully impact tested to the new IWA 14 standard arresting a 7,200 kg truck (7.2 ton) at 80 kph (50 mph) achieving less than 1m of penetration. After impact, the installed structure of the blocker remained intact and was able to be easily re-commissioned.

With an installation foundation depth of just 400 mm total depth required, this high security road blocker is shallow mounted. The Guardian is straight forward to install requiring only a single pour of concrete and a simple rebar structure, which reduces the cost of civil works considerably. Also minimises the time needed on site in comparison to install traditional road blocker structures.

One fundamental feature which makes this product so different from previous road blocker products is the unique counter balance mechanism utilised within the design. These mechanisms reduce the need for hydraulic power allowing the use of a small, integral power unit and removing the need for large above ground cabinets. This also substantially reduces power consumption ensuring that this product utilises energy sustainably.

The blocker’s top plate is exceptionally rigid when driven over, greatly improving reliability; it is also energy absorptive when impacted. The top plate comprises of a layer structure of greatly reduced steel and a high tech polymer giving far greater longevity even when being driven over by heavy vehicles on a regular basis. The product is designed for fast and easy servicing.

This revolutionary blocker has been designed to be an industry leader in terms of price, technology and serviceability; a clever piece of engineering from the ATG Access team producing a very strong and versatile blocker.

ATG Access PAS68 Impact Tests

The ATG Access Guardian Road Blocker is an innovative product which utilises advanced engineering polymers to provide an energy absorbing and rigid lid construction.


Installation Guide Download
Datasheet Download

The Guardian Road Blocker from ATG Access was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS 2017 standards

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