High Security Patriot Beam Barrier

ATG Access


The ATG Access Patriot Beam Barrier is:

  • One of the strongest barriers in the market
  • Fully impact test certified to ASTM M50 P1 security rating
  • Hydraulically Operated Beam Barrier


Product Details

The ATG Access Patriot Beam Barrier is one of the strongest barriers in the market. Fully impact test certified to ASTM standards achieving a M50 P1 designation. This product remained intact following vehicular impact.

Operating widths range from 3,500 mm to 7,200 mm. The products drive motor is rated at 100% continuous duty cycle and operating speeds vary from 3-5 seconds for raise and lower. This can be reduced further to just one second deployment time by adding an emergency fast operation function to the system.
The barrier is hot-dip galvanised as standard, then painted with a polyester coating in any RAL colour specified to provide maximum corrosion protection.
The Patriot barrier is easy to install and maintain. The trench depth required to accommodate the beam is just 305 mm. The stanchions on either side of the beam require 1,220 mm of depth to install.
Able to operate reliably in extreme hot and cold climates as all mechanical fixings are above ground and easy to service.
This product can be used to establish a tiger-trap system enabling security checks, or as a continuation of a protected perimeter fence or gate.


  • Barrier Widths: 3,500 – 7,200 mm
  • Height Above Ground: 915 mm – beam height when deployed
  • Foundation Depth: 305 mm-beam trench, 1,220 mm- stanchion depth
  • Finishes Available: Hot-dip galvanised as standard and then coated to any RAL colour specified
  • Security Rating: ASTM-M50 P1
  • HCIS compliant 



Datasheet Download

The PATRIOT BEAM BARRIER from ATG Access was checked and certified by GSS security experts to be compliant with:

  • HCIS 2017 standards

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